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Trump was Placed by The Establishment to Destroy The Liberty Movement

Here’s the truth about Donald J. Trump, he was placed and promoted by the establishment to destroy the Liberty movement.

Trumpzi is not an outsider; he’s part of the establishment and here’s why.

After 2008 elections, the establishment feared what Ron Paul had put into motion. Many of you know what happened after 2008, a wave of Liberty-minded individuals invaded the GOP, through the Tea Party Movement. In hopes of reforming it from within, and from the outside, it seemed to work. Liberty candidates won, and the rhetoric of the GOP appeared to shift. Rand Paul became a household name and had the backup in Washington with Justin Amash, Thomas Massie and others to push forward a pro-Liberty message. However, the establishment, as they always do, invaded the movement and by 2012, the Tea Party was taken over by the establishment through Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin and others.

The election of 2012, appeared to be the highest point for the Liberty movement. Young Americans for Liberty, Campaign for Liberty, Rare.us and other pro-Liberty organizations saw an increase in viewers and supporters, and it was an excellent time to be a part of the movement. It appeared the road to winning the nomination was more feasible for Ron Paul than in 2008. However, the establishment knew this was dangerous, so they put in Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Michelle Bachmann and others, and Ron was no longer the only one calling for a fair tax, abolishing government agencies and reducing the debt. Essentially robbing Ron of potential voters, but the Movement found a way around this through a brokered convention. However, the Establishment made sure Ron didn’t win during the nominating process by changing the convention rules. Changing the convention rules was part of a greater scheme, they did this because they knew there was a possibility the Liberty Movement might continue to gain traction after the 2012 election, and it did.

It might appear that the establishment is one step ahead of the Liberty movement?

The 2016 elections seemed promising for the Liberty Movement. Ron Paul had paved the way, and Rand Paul was ready to take the movement to another level. But like always, the establishment made sure that didn’t happen, so they crowded the field with fake pro-Liberty candidates. Of course, they added a few neoconservatives to shift the attention away from their scheme, and when those neocons dropped out, many said the neocon’s wing of the party is finally dying. Rand didn’t fail because the Liberty Movement lost momentum, he failed because the establishment made sure someone else, more obnoxious and promising, would semi-echo the message of Liberty. Here comes Trumpzi, his not so politically correct style helped fueled his campaign. He yelled loud enough, “The establishment fears me”, and no one question whether that was true or not. At the start of his campaign, many dismissed him; however, as the election cycle has progressed, it’s clear that he’s part of the establishment.

Rand found it difficult to spread his message because the mainstream media continued to cover Trumpzi 24/7. The same media that he has blamed and often, gotten into arguments with, and it should be obvious by now that it’s all a circus show. A love-hate relationship to distract us from clearly recognizing what the establishment is doing. The establishment doesn’t hate Trumpzi; they paved the road for him to win without any real Liberty outsider to challenge him. The “Ron Paul Rule” was put in precisely to help Trumpzi win, in case Rand or any other Liberty candidate gain enough traction. Take a look at what’s happening now, the rule, no matter how many times the mainstream media tries to spin it, benefits Trumpzi. They made sure he talked like an outsider, by throwing Liberty buzz words, but the reality is another. He’s part of the establishment, part of the neocons, but his rhetoric misleads many to believe he’s an outsider. However, it only takes a few minutes of research, and the picture is clear, he’s part of the establishment. He was put in to destroy the Liberty Movement by associating his evil rhetoric with his semi-Liberty buzz words. A real outsider, like Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012, gets ignore by the mainstream media. A true outsider has the full support of the people. They go around spreading the outsider’s message any way they can. Through videos, door by door, protest, rallies and the internet.

The establishment is not a step ahead!

It might seem, the establishment is winning, and their strategy was a success; however, that’s not exactly true. While it seems, Trumpzi has attracted a few Liberty-minded supporters. The establishment never anticipated countless voters would reject Trumpzi. The Marco Rubio’s, Ted Cruz’s and other candidate’s supporters declaring that they would ‘Never’ vote for ‘Trump.’ Opening up the greatest opportunity for the Liberty Movement to expand and potentially getting behind a Third-Party. Right now, the Libertarian Party is in a position to gain multiple new members, if they work hard to reach out to them. However, while we were busy reforming the GOP throughout the years, we might’ve missed the Trojan horse that has entered the Libertarian Party. After all, the establishment also has a plan B. Nonetheless, I believe we are smart enough to detect such attempt.

You can see now how the establishment has worked hard to destroy the Liberty Movement. They fear the message of Liberty, and they will do whatever it takes to stop the message, but don’t give up. Continue to spread the message and I urge everyone who’s a part of the movement, REACH OUT to those supporters whose candidates have dropped out.

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