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Top 10 Questions for Gary Johnson and Bill Weld on Reddit’s IAmA

In a Reddit Forum held by Gary Johnson and Bill Weld on September 6, 2016, these were the top questions and answers.


Reddit: Currently, you are the only Presidential Candidates (of the top four) that support the trade agreement known as the TPP. Can you help us to understand why you support it? What specific parts of it do you think are beneficial? What parts of it do you think are misrepresented by its’ opponents? What valid concerns do you think exist, but aren’t worthy of stopping it from being passed? What specifically would you need to discover about it for you to potentially oppose it?

Governor Bill Weld: The Trans-Pacific Partnership is actually very valuable for the United States as a strategic geopolitical play. It puts us into partnership with 11 Pacific-facing nations, not including China, so it gives us an automatic strategic beachhead in Asia. The free-trade aspects benefit the United States, as always, because of our edge in productivity.

Reddit: You’ve made clear that marijuana legalization is a priority. What about other vices that create black markets, like gambling, specifically sports gambling? Prostitution?

Governor Gary Johnson: I do believe that marijuana should be legalized, and I do believe California will legalize it in November, which will be a tipping point. An example of a black market in marijuana is Washington state where a black market still survives due to too many taxes….I’ve come out in favor of legalizing online poker. I think sports gambling should be legal, too.

Reddit: Governor Johnson- what inspired you to switch party allegiance from Republican to Libertarian?

Governor Gary Johnson: Shedding the social conservative dogma of the Republican Party. (On behalf of Gov. Weld, he feels the same way.)


Reddit: What is your opinion on congressional term limits?

Governor Bill Weld: Term limits is our one silver bullet for the poisonous dysfunction in Washington, D.C. If the Republicans and Democrats were only there for 6 or 12 years, they would do the right thing. I was the National Chairman of US Term Limits when I was Governor.

Reddit: Governors Johnson and Weld, What is the campaign’s strategy to get into the debates if you are not at 15% in the CPD polls. Is there a backup plan, or any other leverage or influence you have that could get you in?

Governor Bill Weld:  The mission of the Commission on Debates is to educate people about the presidential election. 76% of all voters in the United States say they want Johnson-Weld, by name, in the presidential debates. End of argument.

Reddit: Do you believe it is the role of the US government to maintain hundreds of military bases all over the world?

Governor Gary Johnson:  No, we would initially target a 20% reduction in those bases.

Reddit: What is the best way I can present the reasons to vote for you to someone who does not want to vote for Secretary Clinton or Mr. Trump but feels that a third party vote is a waste?

Governor Gary Johnson: You may disagree with everything I have to say, but you’ll see it done in complete transparency and honesty. The only wasted vote is to vote for someone who you don’t believe in.

Reddit: Some people still think that Edward Snowden betrayed the USA when he shared NSA files with journalists. Yet without him, we would not have the global debate on surveillance that has already led to more stringent protections of our right to privacy. Given that this is a clear cut case of a whistleblower acting in the public interest, would you support a pardon for Edward Snowden? Why

Governor Gary Johnson: Yes, I would support a pardon for Edward Snowden based on what I know.

Reddit: If you are elected, what do you hope your legacy will be seen as after your term?

Governor Gary Johnson: Honesty, transparency, not a hypocrite (not saying one thing and doing another).

Reddit: Do you support Net Neutrality? 

Governor Gary Johnson: I abhor legislation that would regulate the Internet. It doesn’t appear to me to be broken; I don’t want to fix it.

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