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The Illusion of No Choice: Vote Different

With approval ratings for the two primary candidates at a record-breaking low, most Americans have rationalized voting for either Clinton or Trump as “the lesser of two evils.” Anyone who’s taken an introductory college course on American government, however, will know that presidencies are won through states, not people.

Now while we certainly can discuss the democratic failures of a winner-take-all system and the fact that the election is riding on 11 swing states, this flawed voting system has also presented us with an opportunity.

Trump will not win California and Clinton will sure as hell not win Texas.

By living in those other 39 states, your choice between the two primary candidates is already decided. This is good news for the Clinton supporters in blue states and Trump supporters in the red states. But more importantly, it’s even better news for the disaffected who hate them both in any state.

Californians who hate Trump ever-so-slightly more than Clinton, and Texans who hate Clinton ever-so-slightly more than Trump will be pleased to know that ironically, this lack of choice between two primary candidates frees you from the burden of choosing a “lesser” evil.

So you’re pissed off at a perpetuating cycle of phony politicians partnered with corrupt corporations, and you just found out that you don’t have to throw away your convictions for one of the synthetic statists. What do you do to make the most out of this situation now?

If you’re feeling cynical, nihilistic and edgy, then the answer might simply be, “don’t vote.”

But for the rest of us, going down the list of recently published news articles on a site called “LibertyBuzz.us” should already give you a hint as to what my suggestion might be: vote third-party.

Third parties stand to gain the most from this situation, being eligible for national funding if they manage to get 5 percent of the popular vote.

More so, the Democrat and Republican parties will no doubt be shifting their platforms in the next election cycle to try to win back those third party votes.

Anyone who’s taken an introductory government course will also know that it’s nearly impossible for a third party to overtake the two major parties. For lack of a better phrase, the bipartisan system was rigged to be like this from the start.

Gary Johnson and Jill Stein both know this.

A vote for a third party isn’t done out of some delusional expectation that the Libertarian or Green parties will win, it’s done to send a message.

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