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Super Tuesday: A Day Full of Established Expectations

Super Tuesday proves we are nothing if not predictable and consistent.

Super Tuesday is not even close to being over,  but looking at the numbers coming in, it is clear who is winning; it is not the concept of Liberty or the American people. At the writing of this article, Trump leads the GOP 221 to 136, which is all of the other candidates’ delegates combined.

The Democrats have Hillary leading 883 to Bernie Sanders’s 232. Overall, Hillary maintains a commanding lead with a large portion of superdelegates, votes are still being reported in every minute, though, and so far her pledged delegate lead is only climbing.

However, it isn’t victory across the board for Trump and Hillary. Cruz took a commanding victory in Texas, which isn’t a huge surprise considering it is his home state. Bernie won Vermont, his home state, in a landslide victory. That is not what we are seeing happen, though. We are seeing history repeat itself.

Eight years ago, in 2008, American voters were upset with the country’s leadership. They looked to a charismatic politician who made a lot of promise and gave hope. Barack Obama didn’t expand much on his positions or describe what change looked like, just that he would bring it. He would end the war, end corruption, be transparent, and so much more. He was elected because people trusted this politician who said what they wanted to hear. Now, as a result, we are stuck with a bloated government, more debt, unaffordable mandated healthcare, are still fighting overseas, and the list goes on. The American people are back to square one.

Now let’s look back to the current 2016 presidential election. Once again, we are angry and eager to listen to someone who is telling us what we want to hear. He is charismatic in an entirely different way, and he treats the rules of debate with complete disregard, says crass things, and the people are eating it up. Most people don’t know what he stands for (probably because his views are inconsistent at best), but they are voting for him anyways. The part that makes me throw my hat in frustration is most of these people are the same people who criticized Democrats for Obama doing the same thing.

Not too long ago there was a vast social movement to fight against the upper 1% and fight Wall Street, but now they almost all flock to the guy who is funded by and has repeatedly helped it. Instead, they ignore the candidate who is almost ignored by Wall Street (concerning funding) and has built his campaign around taking away their power. It is what the voters say they want, but when given the opportunity, they failed to support the man who would give them a voice.

We are nothing if not predictable and consistent. On this Super Tuesday, March 01, 2016, let us remember what is happening on both sides of the aisle. We need to remember the outcome and how it shapes our country. If we forget history, we could do the same thing eight years from now that we did eight years before and continue to wonder why our hope for change and a greater America is never realized.

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