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Seriously, Vote for Liberty, Not Hillary

I want the freedom to think, create, worship, speak, purchase, work, travel, spend, marry and live the way I think is best for me.

There is a growing movement in the USA that is being led particularly by millennials. We want change. We know the way our federal government and bureaucracies have worked in the past is not working any longer. It is not working for individual freedoms especially. We must keep in mind, however, that going back to America’s founding principles would be the right change and the reason government isn’t working is because we have lost those principles, particularly individual liberties protected by the Constitution.

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Hillary R. Clinton, former First Lady and longtime public servant in federal government, is running for President as the Democratic nominee. She often claims to be a fighter for women and children, as well as for the rights of gays, ethnic minorities, and victims of gun violence.

The problem is that when the government decides what is best for the individual, we sooner or later lose freedom of choice. Sometimes what is best for the country isn’t necessarily best for the people. Sometimes the government wants to help but in the end, makes everything worse. Here are some reasons why I believe Hillary is honestly no friend of liberty, regardless of her intentions. I hope you will comment and share so we can continue this conversation.

One of the greatest threats to liberty that Hillary advocates for is nominating Supreme Court Justices who understand ‘the way the world really works’ instead of strictly interpreting the Constitution that our society is built on. If you don’t know why this matters, then let me explain.

The Constitution, love it or hate it, is the founding document that protects our freedoms including speech, religion, journalism, assembly, self-arming, women’s right to vote, and so much more! It is truly why America has been able to invent and enjoy such things as the iPhone and the internet. It allows for individuals to lead their lives the way they choose as long as they don’t harm another’s life and liberty.

In choosing to nominate Supreme Court Justices that understand the world instead of understanding the Constitution, Hillary would be choosing to have a court that rules without governing principles. Instead, it would be based on so-called relative truths and a changing culture. That may sound alright, but it’s not! What if the culture decides it’s in the best interest of communities to go back to segregation of race? What if culture decides free speech is a threat to collective harmony?

What if the culture changes its mind on allowing women to give birth at home?

A Supreme Court that makes decisions affecting us all based on trends and a supposed understanding of the world doesn’t protect liberty. It doesn’t keep you safe. Instead, it preserves the culture, which can change in the blink of an eye. Regardless of what you think about guns or marriage or abortion or climate change, do you want people in robes four times your age deciding what is best for you based on their understanding or would you prefer they follow the Constitution, which says YOU can decide for yourself?

If you want liberty, don’t vote for Hillary.

Another philosophy of hers that is hostile to freedom is that America should engage in nation building and unending wars, also known as interventionism. She believes we should be able to establish the governments in Libya, Syria, and other parts of the world that we think is best for them. It is the same philosophy former President George W. Bush implemented after the terrorist attacks of 9/11. It is the same philosophy that President Obama campaigned against but than fully embraced.

The reason this governing belief is dangerous to you and me, because we suffer the consequences. We not only have to pay for the constant wars, but we also have to sacrifice lives and limbs, brothers and sisters, and eventually sons and daughters as well as our personal freedoms. We are the ones radical terrorists outraged by America’s foreign involvement choose to intimidate and attack. Our freedom to text without the government reading it and our freedom to withdraw as much cash from our bank account as we decide are easily taken away with the excuse of ‘National Security.’

Senator Rand Paul, a leading voice for liberty, held a filibuster in protest of the government being able to use drones on Americans for both killing and spying. Hillary is a proponent of that as well as monitoring internet activity of Americans without individual warrants. All of this is because of the governing philosophy that we should intervene in foreign affairs and in countries that do not want us there.

These laws and regulations that limit personal freedom are in place because of the threat of terrorism, and terrorism is primarily active because of blow-back from America’s foreign policy of interventionism.

I’m not saying America shouldn’t defend herself or that we should never defend a friendly country that is under attack by an invading force if they ask for help. However, any philosophy that thinks for America to be strong we must bully and manipulate the world is dangerous to not only the lives of all Americans but also our freedom.

If you want liberty, don’t vote for Hillary.

There are many, many other ways that the Democratic nominee’s policies would revoke our liberties, but I will mention one more here. Hillary Clinton is a threat to religious liberty. In some of the new Podesta emails from Wikileaks, we find Hillary and her campaign team discussing how to deal with American Christians. And in a speech earlier this year Hillary said, “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.

I don’t know about you, but no matter what you believe in or don’t believe in that is a scary philosophy. Many issues are being discussed in America today like gay rights, civil liberties, and abortion rights. But Americans should have the liberty to hold fast to their personal convictions and not have the federal government involve itself in their religion and spirituality. The best way to accomplish something is not to have the government force it, but to create public discourse and awareness.

Win the argument in the public square; don’t legislate it from an over-reaching, powerful government. This goes for both progressive Democrats and conservative Republicans. We must stop trying to force our beliefs on others through legislation and courtrooms.

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Religious liberty, the freedom to live and believe according to your faith, must not be trampled on. Christians, Muslims, atheists, and others should all be defending this against any politician but especially someone running for President and seeking your vote. If you want liberty, don’t vote for Hillary.

I know millennials fall on all sides of the political spectrum, from Bernie Sanders supporters to Donald Trump supporters, and from Gary Johnson supporters to Rand Paul supporters. But our generation, in particular, must stand and speak and fight for our individual liberties or we will lose them.

I don’t want left or right telling me how to live my life. I want the freedom to think, create, worship, speak, purchase, work, travel, spend, marry and live the way I consider to be best for me. That is the purpose of the Constitution and we must require that it be sacred to our Presidential candidates.

Please, vote for liberty. In my opinion, that’s Governor Gary Johnson in this election.

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