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Mark Sanford Interested in Supporting The Libertarian Nominee

Former Governor and current Congressman from South Carolina’s 1st District, Mark Sanford, apparently has an interest in possibly supporting the Libertarian Nominee.

Charles Peralo, who is running for Chairman of the Libertarian Party National Committee, reportedly received a call from him Monday morning as a response to Peralo’s team inviting him to the Libertarian National Convention, which will be held in Orlando over Memorial Day weekend from Friday to Monday, May 27 – 30. During the call, Gov. Sanford informed Mr. Peralo that he could not make it to the convention, but that he is interested in supporting the Libertarian Party Nominee for the General Election.

Here is Peralo original Facebook post:

“Just got a phone call from South Carolina.

I answer without knowing the number asking who it is.

“Is this Charles Peralo?”

“Yes, who is this?”

“It’s Mark Sanford. Your team contacted me about attending the Libertarian Party convention in Orlando this weekend and wanted to just call you personally saying thanks for the invite.”

“Wait, you mean Mark Sanford the governor of South Carolina?”

“Yes, I do.”

5-10 minutes of talking later, he can’t come to Orlando, but is interested in talking about backing the LP nominee later this election.”

LibertyBuzz reached out to Peralo for an additional comment, and you can find his remarks below:

“Sanford is a guy I’ve admired for a long time. I feel for best governor of his time it was a close tie with him and Mitch Daniels, but in Congress, he’s been a rockstar. For doing this race, though, we need allies. I’m running for Chairman to hope get the [Libertarian Party] to build long lasting relationships and I think Mark Sanford is the highest tier we can ask for with those alliances. So I’m happy he’s interested in the [Libertarian Party] and hope this election longer term can have us learn from him and he can learn from us on where we agree and disagree.”

Gov. Sanford has been described as a Libertarian-leaning Republican during his terms in Congress, and an ally of former Congressman, Presidential Candidate, and Libertarian icon Ron Paul. His endorsement of the Libertarian Party Nominee would be the first from a currently serving elected Federal Official.

LibertyBuzz also reached out to Gov. Sanford for a comment/verification, but at the time of publishing, he had not responded to us.

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