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Libertarian Lily Tang Williams Invited to Colorado Debate

Last week we thought all was lost.

Libertarian Candidate Lily Tang Williams, running for the U.S. Senate from Colorado, was informed by Club 20 that she would not be asked to the ball — to the state-wide debate, that is.


Because the number of voters registered Libertarian in the State of Colorado fell short of 1% of the population by 0.023%. Club 20, a private “non-partisan” organization running the debate, would stick to its rules and keep Libertarian candidates out.


But this week all is well. Lily Tang Williams received her official invitation to participate in the debate.

Did Club 20 relent in its strict enforcement of the rules? No. Were the rules somehow changed? No. Did the many, many concerned citizens who phoned Club 20 to protest the ruling soften the hearts of  Club 20 management? No.

But thanks to an initiative by the Libertarian Party of Colorado, and to the voters who decided to give libertarianism a chance, the number of voters registered Libertarian  in Colorado went up.

The Libertarian Party of Colorado now numbers 37, 551 registered members among its ranks. That is 1.02% of the 3.68 million voters in the state of Colorado.

Everybody is celebrating! And I don’t just mean Libertarians with a capital L. People who are not libertarian are happy about this, too! Independents are happy. Non-partisans of every stripe and color rejoice.  It’s a Cinderella story. It’s one for the underdog. And it means that it’s not too late for America.

We still have a chance to hear from other points of view. We don’t have to limit our choices to one of the two major parties. It’s not either Tweedle-dee or Tweedle-dum. Lily Tang Williams’ inclusion in the debate is a victory for all of us!

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