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Libertarian Debate on Fox Business Network

News has come out that Fox Business Network will host a Libertarian Debate, moderated by Stossel. If everything goes as plan, then this would be a tremendous step for the Libertarian Party.

Below is Gary Johnson’s, a candidate for the Libertarian Party, official statements.

February 16, 2016, Salt Lake City, UT – In a statement released today, the Gary Johnson 2016 campaign confirmed that plans are underway to schedule a nationally-televised Libertarian Party presidential debate on the popular “Stossel” show on the Fox Business Network. While details are pending, Gov. Johnson’s campaign indicated that dates in March are being discussed.

A statement from the campaign stated, “The Gary Johnson 2016 campaign has confirmed with Fox Business’s Stossel that Gov. Johnson will be delighted to participate in a televised debate among Libertarian Party presidential candidates, hopefully in  March. We will of course leave the formal announcement of the debate details and date to the Stossel show, but want to express our gratitude to Mr. Stossel for working to find a date for this important event that will not disrupt any planned Libertarian Party activities and that is actually doable for all the candidates who are involved.”

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