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Libertarian Party Releases Statement Regarding Austin Petersen Exclusion

There is an article floating around claiming that “Austin Petersen was not invited to the Libertarian Party of Colorado convention.” We reached out to both Austin and the Libertarian Party of Colorado for an official statement. Austin gave us an official statement, which we will publish later tonight. The Libertarian Party of Colorado informed us […]

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Fox Business Libertarian Debate Details Announced

The Libertarian Party has announced new details for the upcoming Libertarian debate hosted by Fox Business. Below is their official press release and if you want to attend the debate, then make sure you request your free ticket. Dear Libertarian, It’s official! There will be a debate of Libertarian presidential candidates on TV this year! Many […]

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Open Letter From Ted Cruz To The Liberty Movement

Earlier this week, Justin Amash endorsed Ted Cruz for the GOP nomination. A significant endorsement, because Amash is considered a leader in the Liberty Movement. After Rand Paul suspended his campaign for the GOP nomination, members of the Liberty Movement debated on who they would support next. Some supporters went to Donald Trump and others […]

Elections 2016 GOP Liberty Movement News Story

Rep. Justin Amash Endorses Ted Cruz

Representative Justin Amash, a self-proclaim Libertarian Republican, has endorsed Ted Cruz for the GOP nomination. This comes as a surprise, specifically from within the Liberty Movement. Will this endorsement help Ted Cruz? Rep. Justin Amash, full endorsement is below: As a libertarian Republican, I have spent several months promoting the candidacy of my friend Senator […]

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Libertarian Debate on Fox Business Network

News has come out that Fox Business Network will host a Libertarian Debate, moderated by Stossel. If everything goes as plan, then this would be a tremendous step for the Libertarian Party. Below is Gary Johnson’s, a candidate for the Libertarian Party, official statements. February 16, 2016, Salt Lake City, UT – In a statement released today, […]