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Ted Cruz Breaks His Silence and Endorses Donald Trump

Friday Afternoon, Texas Senator Ted Cruz endorsed Donald Trump for President of the United States. Cruz’s endorsement came in the form of a Facebook post where he laid out Six key policy difference that helped him reach his decision to back Donald Trump. Read Ted Cruz’s full endorsement below: “This election is unlike any other in […]

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Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson Issues Statement On The Aleppo Controversy

On Morning Joe, Mike Barnicle asked Gary Johnson, Libertarian Presidential candidate, “What would you do if you were elected about Aleppo?” Gary Johnson responded by asking “And What is Aleppo?” Immediately after the host explained what is “Aleppo,” Gary Johnson went on to explain his position on the Syrian conflict. The MSM is having a […]

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Rand Paul Did Not Say ‘Gary Johnson Steals Votes’

Senator Rand Paul is seen as a leader of the Liberty Movement, so it comes as no surprise that many within the movement jump on every word Rand Paul says in hopes of finding some guidance as to whom they should vote for this election cycle. However, sometimes what Rand Paul says is misinterpreted, thus […]

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The Voice of A Delegate: An Interview With Kera Birkeland

As unconventional as the 2016 Presidential nomination process was many of us didn’t expect it to become ugly. The 2016 election year brought out the worst in some people, for example, many of Donald Trump’s supporters used violence to shut down protesters, but also the supporters of the Democratic Party resorted to violence at the […]

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Who Won The Las Vegas Libertarian Debate Streamed on The Blaze?

This past Friday, The Blaze streamed the final Libertarian Debate before the convention. The candidates were Austin Petersen, John Mcafee, and Gary Johnson. If you didn’t watch the debate, then watch the full debate below, and right after watching it let us know who you thought won. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ethTIGmblYo [polldaddy poll=”9425322″] For more Liberty News, be sure […]

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Darrell Castle Wins The Constitution Party 2016 Presidential Nomination

If you were busy keeping up with the latest Libertarian news, then you might’ve missed the news coming from the Constitution Party. The Constitution Party held their 2016 Presidential Nominating Convention on April 13-16 in Salt Lake City Utah. To the surprise of many, Darrell Castle, the former National Vice-Chairman of the Constitution Party and Attorney […]

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Who Won The Second Fox Business Libertarian Debate?

The second part of John Stossel Libertarian Debate has ended, and it’s time once again to cast your vote. Who do you think won tonight’s Libertarian Debate? The candidates were Austin Petersen, John Mcafee, and Gary Johnson. [polldaddy poll=”9379763″] For more Liberty News, be sure to follow and Subscribe to LibertyBuzz on Twitter or like our […]

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Who Won The First Fox Business Libertarian Debate?

Tonight the Libertarian candidates faced off at the first ever Libertarian Debate on Fox Business Network. The candidates are Austin Petersen, John Mcafee, and Gary Johnson. If you watched the debate, then who do you believe won tonight’s first Libertarian Debate? [polldaddy poll=”9371473″] For more Liberty News, be sure to follow and Subscribe to LibertyBuzz […]

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Trump was Placed by The Establishment to Destroy The Liberty Movement

Here’s the truth about Donald J. Trump, he was placed and promoted by the establishment to destroy the Liberty movement. Trumpzi is not an outsider; he’s part of the establishment and here’s why. After 2008 elections, the establishment feared what Ron Paul had put into motion. Many of you know what happened after 2008, a […]