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Austin Petersen Addresses Exclusion From Libertarian Party of Colorado Convention

This is a follow-up article to Libertarian Party of Colorado Releases Statement Regarding Austin Petersen Exclusion and a summary of Austin Petersen’s reaction to his exclusion from the convention.

Yesterday, around 10 o’clock, A Libertarian Future broke the story that Austin Petersen was not invited to the Libertarian Party of Colorado Convention. In this article, I’ll summarize the multiple statements Mr. Petersen has given in response to the situation, as well as attach links so you can read/watch them yourself. Also, read until the end to see Mr. Petersen’s statement to LibertyBuzz.

Last afternoon, Mr. Petersen posted on Facebook:

Who wants to go with me to Colorado this weekend and pay a visit to the fascist NAPzis who didn’t want me there?

The post received 100-something likes, and overall, was received well by his audience. Then, around two hours later, Mr. Petersen went live to share his thoughts on the situation. I’ll be paraphrasing here, but you can watch the whole thing here: Libertarian Party in Crisis – Colorado Gags Executive Committee!

He starts out with stating his purpose for the video, which is to clarify why some people dislike/resentment him, though he believes he is the best candidate for the libertarian nomination. (“I’m kicking ass. I’m kicking peoples’ asses, and I’m telling them they need to get out there and they need to stop losing.”) He then reads the article that broke the story. From what he says, it appears he believes the party’s actions were done out of fear for what he might bring to the table. According to him, his fans were outraged at the news, and it was unfair to the Colorado voters who would not get the opportunity to hear each candidate speak. He admits that his controversy is probably caused by his opposition to the NAP, or non-aggression principle. His video ends with his promises to work harder and make the liberty movement stronger.

Then, around 23 hours ago, Mr. Petersen shared a link to our previous article addressing the Libertarian Party’s official statement with the caption:

These people are weak. They fear my campaign because they’re losers, and they are comfortable losing. They do not want liberarians (I assume he means libertarians) to win.

This post had a mixed response, with some people agreeing with his stance, others questioning why he opposes the NAP, and others scolding him for what they saw as churlish behavior.

Taking the Donald Trump approach, I see. Going to try and just insult your way right into the nomination. “It’s a bold strategy Cotton, let’s see if it pays off for him.”

Mr. Petersen’s lighthearted banter continued with two more posts, which read:

One thing has been made clear in all of this kerfuffle. I am the anti-establishment candidate in this anti-establishment party.


Remember when John McAfee repudiated the NAP on a podcast the day after he joined the Libertarian Party and no one gave a hoot? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

Yesterday afternoon, we contacted Austin Petersen for an exclusive statement addressing his exclusion from the Libertarian Party of Colorado Convention. When we asked him about what he knew previously and his feelings about not receiving an invitation, he told us the following:

I did not know and frankly I am disappointed because I am certain the delegates in Colorado would have liked the chance to have heard from all the candidates. Thankfully this appears to be backfiring and is only drawing more interest in my candidacy.

When asked if he had any previous plans to attend the conference, he said:

I didn’t because I wasn’t invited, but I didn’t know it was on purpose, I thought it was an oversight.

As for his message to his followers, who may be upset about his exclusion from the event:

I hope my followers see that this is the proof of what I have been saying all along. There is a libertarian establishment and they are terrified because I am pointing out their failures to advance our cause because of their laziness and pettiness.

What are your thoughts? Comment below to share your view on the issue.

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