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Arnold Schwarzenegger Wants Governors Johnson and Weld in Debate

In a surprise announcement on social media, Arnold Schwarzenegger declared today that he wants the Libertarian candidates, Gary Johnson and Bill Weld,  to be in the debates this fall:

The American people want to hear the voices of Governors Gary Johnson and Bill Weld in the debates this fall – in a recent USA Today poll, 76% of voters said they deserve a spot on the stage. I completely agree. Our political system benefits when we open the conversation instead of closing it – which is why I fought for and the voters passed Open Primaries in California and why I hope the Commission on Presidential Debates will listen to the people and include the Governors.


Arnold Schwarzenegger is well known for his body building, his role in movies such as Conan the Barbarian and the Terminator series, as well as his political career. He served as a Republican governor of California from 2003 to 2011.

More and more public figures are stepping up and saying publicly that they want Governors Johnson and Weld in the debate. With such an upsurge in public interest, it will hard for the Commission on Presidential Debates to disregard so many requests to allow the libertarian candidates into the debate.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is known as an important and influential voice for moderate conservatism in the national arena. That he has stepped up and openly declared that he supports inclusion of Johnson and Weld in the debate may not be an endorsement, but it’s pretty close. In any event, he has stated unequivocally that he wants to see the Libertarian Party candidates included in the national debate.

This is good news for the Libertarian Party and for Johnson and Weld. Because what Arnold wants, Arnold usually gets!

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