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Apple’s Decision, Who Supports It, and What Is At Stake

“The iPhone must be cracked,” they say…

I am not going to go through everything that is already documented about this situation. There are plenty of sources that state what happened (Go here for a recap if needed) and then the FBI needed Apple to crack their phone so they can find any information that “may lead to finding other people involved.” You can read Apple’s letter to the customer here.

Unless you are living under a rock, you have heard about this, if not followed along with fevered interest what is happening. Make no mistake we are about to see something important happen. One way or the other, how you live your life is fixing to change.

First let me ask a question, who did this? The people who did the shooting are dead. The third person caught has been absolved of any participation in the event. So I invite you to look at this following link and look at the types of crimes. Go here, it is a government website that tracks gang crime.

Gangs are by definition organized crime

Every one of these crimes has a chance to have a perpetrator with a cell phone, each one of those cell phones has the opportunity to be an apple. AND each one of these perpetrators is very likely to be a part of an organization that will continue to commit crimes across the community. No one has ever asked for any of these perpetrators phones to be cracked, even though the chances of finding people who are also involved in and/or planning new crimes is much higher.

But there are multiple paths to the info they need!

Then there is the fact that a lot of the information they need is probably still held by the phone company the suspect used. Even now the data they claim to want should still be there, and most definitely at the date they claimed to have wanted it.

Also, the NSA has acknowledged that they collected metadata for phone calls in 2013. The Washington post wrote an article in 2014 about a program the NSA has that can retrieve phone calls and data that is as much as a month old. So by all accounts, there are plenty of sources that can give them direction on possible accomplices for a case that is already solved. You do know that right? The people who committed this atrocity, are not at large, they are not awaiting trial. They are dead. Everything the FBI and Federal government are wanting to do is based on speculation.

The facts are there, but it’s not the real picture

14 people were killed, and 27 injured, for a two-person murder spree. I mean, the body count isn’t that high. The Aurora Colorado shooting had 12 deaths and 70 injuries. They were able to figure out his guilt, and premeditation and motive in this without taking precedent-setting steps against our personal liberty.

This and other pictures that promote their religion is why the people are scared.
This and other pictures that promote their religion is why the people are scared.

That is not what this is about, though, we all know it. That is the sad part about all of this. They have most of the people’s support. Why? Because this photo that you see, makes you think things like “terrorist” because they are Muslim. They have foreign names and come from foreign countries. This has nothing to do with the fact that he was a county worker who killed a bunch of other county workers for reasons we don’t know. And that is the most terrifying part. The media is going to have you believe that at any moment, you could be next, but not if the government can hack this phone.

That is not true, please don’t buy it. I’m not saying that terrorism isn’t a threat, it may not be as large a one as the media wants you to believe, but it is a threat. But this is not going to shed some light that saves the country. It is not going to fix the fact that the government is not accurately tracking people with VISA’s or how many are refugees, see the below video that was recorded a week after this tragedy, and was prompted because of this tragedy. It’s not going to fix any of the things that are making you less safe. So please think about this when you support this unprecedented increase in government’s power to access your private information.

This was the answer the government gave. Do you really want to trust them with this kind of power?


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