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An Arizona Case Study Shows Concealed Weapons Fewer Murders

The recent tragic school shooting in Broward County, Florida has once again rekindled an interest in more firearms regulations. President Trump has gotten into the act calling for enhanced background checks.

As libertarians, we here at Liberty Buzz believe that the best way to prevent school shootings is to repeal all gun laws and abolish government schools. While there are many arguments, both logical and empirical to be made, against gun control the example of Arizona maybe being largely overlooked.

In 2010 Arizona had more homicides than 44 other states in the union. That year the state legislature passed the Arizona Constitutional Carry Act, allowing anyone over the age of 21 who can lawfully own a gun, to carry concealed without a permit. Since then, according to FBI crime statistics, the murder rate in Arizona has declined while the population has increased. In 2010 before the law was passed Arizona ranked sixth most in murders among states; by 2015 they had dropped to 25th overall.

There are many causes of school shootings, and this article does not attempt to address them all. But Arizona is a testament that the knee-jerk answer of more government regulation of firearms is not the answer.