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Trump was Placed by The Establishment to Destroy The Liberty Movement

Here’s the truth about Donald J. Trump, he was placed and promoted by the establishment to destroy the Liberty movement. Trumpzi is not an outsider; he’s part of the establishment and here’s why. After 2008 elections, the establishment feared what Ron Paul had put into motion. Many of you know what happened after 2008, a […]

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Sens. Paul Introduce Legislation to Support Local Meat Processing

The PRIME Act would boost local foods movement by easing burdensome federal regulations WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senators Angus King (I-Maine) and Rand Paul (R-Ky.) introduced legislation that would make it easier for small farms and ranches to provide locally-produced meats to consumers. The Processing Revival and Instrastate Meat Exemption Act, or PRIME Act, […]

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Exclusive: Interview with Darryl Perry, Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate

Darryl W. Perry is a candidate for the Libertarian Party Presidential Nomination. Mr. Perry came in fourth in the straw poll in the Libertarian Party debate held in Biloxi, Mississippi on February 27. He came in second with Governor Gary Johnson taking first in LibertyBuzz’s first online poll. LibertyBuzz recently sat down with Mr. Perry […]

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Austin Petersen Addresses Exclusion From Libertarian Party of Colorado Convention

This is a follow-up article to Libertarian Party of Colorado Releases Statement Regarding Austin Petersen Exclusion and a summary of Austin Petersen’s reaction to his exclusion from the convention. Yesterday, around 10 o’clock, A Libertarian Future broke the story that Austin Petersen was not invited to the Libertarian Party of Colorado Convention. In this article, I’ll summarize […]

Elections 2016 Libertarian News Story

Libertarian Party Releases Statement Regarding Austin Petersen Exclusion

There is an article floating around claiming that “Austin Petersen was not invited to the Libertarian Party of Colorado convention.” We reached out to both Austin and the Libertarian Party of Colorado for an official statement. Austin gave us an official statement, which we will publish later tonight. The Libertarian Party of Colorado informed us […]

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Fox Business Libertarian Debate Details Announced

The Libertarian Party has announced new details for the upcoming Libertarian debate hosted by Fox Business. Below is their official press release and if you want to attend the debate, then make sure you request your free ticket. Dear Libertarian, It’s official! There will be a debate of Libertarian presidential candidates on TV this year! Many […]